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Citizen Centric
City Services

Citizens want digital access to city services anytime and anywhere. Self-service is not only more convenient; it’s more efficient for the city and lowers the cost for taxpayers.

Citizen Engagement for Your City

Enable citizens to request/use services and interact with their city directly using current technologies. Putting the information in the citizen’s hands will make them “real partners” in building a government that works better.

Unified Experience

Professional, proven mobile and portal designs that deliver a consistent, easy to use experience. For all city services and all city users.

Citizen Relationship Management

A full-featured relationship management solution designed specifically for local government use to promote greater productivity, faster resolution, and data-driven management.

Service Request Management

A full-featured management tool designed to improve government business process efficiency from service intake through service fulfillment while providing Real-time Service Status.

Real-time Dashboards & Reporting

Real-time information delivered as fixed and configurable reports, role based dashboards and usage analysis by council district, SR type, SR Status, time, department, and more.

Seamless Integration

Re-Use not Replace. myCity’s architecture allows for the use of existing software applications to work alongside its own. Choose the best solutions and deliver a seamless experience to the citizens.

Secure by Design

In addition to government regulatory compliances, myCity is delivered in a “single-tenant” platform to deliver better security for your data while allowing for greater personalization.

myCity 's

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myCity Mobile App

Growing Market

In 2016, the U.S. number of smartphones grew to over 207 million and it will rise to 238 million by 2019. Smartphones are the primary choice for not only for voice and text communications, but email and web access as well.


myCity Mobile

myCity Mobile is a highly personalized application built using industry best design principles combined with data from our citizen user group studies. 3Di works with each city to tailor all images, buttons, and functionalities to meet the needs of each city and their citizens. 3Di takes a more painstaking approach than some other companies when it comes to producing the best mobile app possible and here’s why:

77% of people will never reload a mobile app if it fails.

Proven History

Adoption is mission critical to success with any citizen engagement solution. 3Di’s mobile apps have proven history with hundreds of thousands of users.

Empower the Citizens

Give citizens the ability to make self-service requests for the usual city services like animal control, pothole repairs, requesting a park pavilion for a child’s birthday party, or getting an unwanted couch removed.

Give citizens the ability to make self-service payments for dog licenses, parking tickets, the deposit for that pavilion, or paying for the couch removal because there are really 2 couches not one.

Give citizens access to communication services like event notifications, request fulfillment updates, or 2-way social media between the city’s elected officials and the citizens and vice versa.

myCity’s Unified Experience approach will route their requests to the proper departments, allowing for quicker responses and real-time progress updates.

Empower Your Citizens

Citizen Relationship

By capturing the data, cities are able to better analyze all requests and thus improve services, increase productivity and save money. Configured for local governments, myCity's CRM is scalable to meet the needs/growth of any city without additional seats, licenses, or ongoing software support costs.


Move Requests to Work Orders

Fully integrated with our CRM, myCity’s SRM can create any service request workflow and process, tailored to each department’s individual needs. Scalable to meet the needs/growth of any city without additional seats, licenses, or ongoing software support costs.


Find the Info fast!

Empower citizens and city staff to search and find the information they need quickly. Using myCity’s Knowledge Base, citizens will get faster resolution while the city’s customer service should see a reduction in time spent creating incidents from calls or emails.

Provide better tools for better results.

For citizens’ requests to be handled in a proper and timely manner, city workers need seamless processes to provide resolutions.

myCity provides role based functionality utilizing both web and mobile-based applications to deliver the right tools for:

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Customer Service Representative Supervisor
  • Department Staff
  • Department Field Worker
  • Department Manager

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Americans on social media


Prefer Self-Service to LIVE call


Typical myCity implementation


Visit gov websites via smartphone

Measure success with real-time data for real-time decisions

Cities across the U.S. are under greater pressure to deliver better, faster results while being cost efficient at the same time.

Management requires better information at their fingertips in formats that are easy to use on a variety of devices.

myCity’s Executive Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards are designed to meet the specific management needs of:

  • Mayor, Mayor Staff
  • City Manager
  • Council Member, Council Staff
The Results Are In

Solution Spotlight

myLA 311

Award Winning

In 2014, Los Angeles was nominated as the #1 "Digital City" (in the 250,000 or larger city category) for excellence and technology innovation by Digital Cities-Government Technology. Among the four projects highlighted was their “MyLA311” citizen engagement platform, which was done in partnership with 3Di.


Real-time visibility of
city services.

Initial Results

  • Mobile application released first (2013). 10% of all service requests coming from Mobile App.
  • Over 700,000 requests handled in 5 months.
  • Complete lifecycle integration for all public works departments (62% of all city services)
  • Seamless & unified customer experience across all channels (Web, Call Center, Mobile, Walk up, and mail)
  • Results

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